welcome to the new era of healthcare.

The days of inefficiency and added expense are over. Citra Health Solutions aligns the needs of providers, payers and patients to tap into healthcare based on value, not on volume — it is the essence of the new era of healthcare and at the core of what we do.

health solutions simplified.

We make the business of healthcare simple with the tools and support to allow you stay laser-focused on patient experience and business efficiency while increasing your financial return. 


Increase BUSINESS efficiencies
Achieve quality standards


Improve patient outcomes
Enhance patient satisfaction 

our services 

better health. better solutions.

Through our scalable model, we provide the agile service and support you need to grow your business and react organically to market demand. Simplify your risk management with our fresh, collaborative solutions.

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our technology

the power to bring your data to life.

Our technology platforms enable partners to effectively manage healthcare spending while increasing patient engagement. Bring synergy to your solution with our client benefit administration, claims adjudication and care management capabilities.

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knowledge center

turning knowledge into power

Knowledge is made up of insight and intellect so that it can have an impact on the world around us. We believe that sharing our experiences and solutions is one way we can impact the healthcare community, so join us! Together, we are turning knowledge into power that will change healthcare as we know it today.

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